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Todays social  media   connects   all of   us together so this web site just brings the view of the “old “ days (though included is a section just for the lads) a brief look back in photos.

In  September 1966  nearly  a hundred   young  lads  most  fresh from school  enlisted  into   her majesty,s airforce. For 2 years we were  whipped into shape in preparation for active service in the RAF .  After our 2 years  of training the RAF decreed  we go our separate ways ,some  stayed in contact but eventually we drfted apart It wasn,t till   about 2007 that some members started looking to what became of them young lads and with the help of the www.  internet about half of 207 were found

One person can be credited  with this search – doggedly  Mel Williamson scowered the  records  Internet  world wide . Mel had  turned into a charismatic character though when in training with us he showed signs of what he was going to become. Mel worked hard that year and he organised an anniversary event ,a get together ,40 years from when   we parted company which   was attended by 30 plus of us.   Sadly Mel has passed away with Pete Sinclair and Terry Hempsall both who also attended the reunion

207 Craft Apprentice Entry R.A.F Halton

Sept.1966 to August 1968

207 in 1966                                                                    207 in 2008

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